Nike Zoom 004 x MMW "Black"


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Through work with Givenchy and his own brand ALYX, creative director Matthew M. Williams has earned a reputation for pushing fashion into new spaces. His ethos is simple: combine the influence of his experiences in New York and California with recent technological breakthroughs. The Nike Zoom 004 x MMW speaks to Nike’s extensive history of breakthrough innovations, by putting a modern twist on the aesthetic of performance runners from the early noughties.
Backed by data insights, the silhouette effortlessly blends transformative tech with urban style. A lightweight, high-tenacity polyester knit upper provides breathable, dynamic structure that’s still tough enough for everyday wear. Below, a Zoom bag is combined with mechanical cushion plates to promote heel cushioning and forward propulsion. Inspired by the morphing property of metals, the shoe’s exterior showcases fluid lines and gleaming textures, with subtle colour shading cementing the look’s multi-dimensional feel.

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